Travis Charest, Frank Cho Ink Jim Lee At Big Wow - Page 2

[…] I gotta say Inking is more important than people realize. We've been doing the same type of thing with the Inkwell Awards which has been pretty popular. Also on a side note: Today is the last day to Vote for the Inkwell Awards Annual event! Heres the link: The 2012 Inkwell Awards Ballot Is Now Live (May 1st- May 15th) | Inkwell Awards Home […]

Bob Almond

FYI, the votes were tallied and all of the award winners have been notified and we are now awaiting word of who can and cannot attend the Heroes Con Inkwell Awards live award ceremony. The votes were really close and the results exciting. Thank you all so much for talking the time to participate is year, and for those voters who left constructive survey comments, we will surely take those suggestions seriously. We hope to see you in Charlotte next month!

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