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Results For the 2008 Inkwell Awards

Voting for the first annual Inkwell Awards officially ended on the 31st of May, 2008.  Ballots were rejected with the name of one inker in every catagory, where that person is not retro or modern inker.  Ballots were rejected if there was a vote from same IP Number.

The counting of votes was done by hand and the results were recounted for accuracy.

So thank you for the hundreds of E-mails of support and the many votes you placed.

The Inkwell Award Committee would like to formally extend congratulations to all the winners and runners up.  Winners will be presented their awards in the coming months in person where possible at conventions across the country, or via mail.

TERRY AUSTIN (winner-tie)
JOE SINNOTT (winner-tie)
Tom Palmer (runner-up)

TOM PALMER (winner)
Joe Sinnott (runner-up)

DANNY MIKI (winner)
Norm Rapmund (runner-up)

Norm Rapmund (runner-up)

DANNY MIKI (winner)
Joe Sinnott (runner-up)

DANNY MIKI (winner)
Tom Palmer (runner-up)

DANNY MIKI (winner)
Mark Irwin (runner-up)

DANNY MIKI (winner)
Tim Townsend (runner-up)

BOB ALMOND (winner)
Tim Townsend (runner-up)

JOE SINNOTT (winner)
Al Williamson (runner-up)
The Inkwell Award committee announces with deep regret that founder, Tim Townsend, due to personal reasons has decided to step down from his position and return his awards.  Tim has made this decision due to a series of unfounded and malicious personal attacks upon his character and integrity and time constraints which prevent him from giving his fullest attention for the awards for 2009.  It is with sadness that the committee have accepted this decision and we wish Tim all the best for the future and hope that he will return to the Inkwell Awards that he helped found in the future.  Tim's input and knowledge have been invaluable and his presence will be both missed and not easily replaced.  At this point in time the committee have no plans on searching for a suitable candidate for the vacant spot on the committee.

Due to Tim Townsend returning his awards, some categories have been revised.

2008 Results

The Nominated List
The following artists all received votes in the Inkwell Awards.  However not all were eligible under the definition of an inker being an artist who has inked more pages than pencilled during their career.  All artists who received a vote have been included here to give an idea of the scope and diversity of artists nominated.
Acerno, Gerry
Adams, Art
Adams, Neal
Adkins, Dan
Agro, Sam
Alanguilan, Gerry
Alcala, Alfredo
Allred, Mike
Almond, Bob
Almy, Christian
Alquiza, Marlo
Anderson, Murphy
Austin, Jeff
Austin, Terry
Ayers, Dick
Bair, Mike
Barr, Donna
Beatty, John
Boatright, Thomas
Bolland, Brian
Bone, J
Booth, Franklin
Breeding, Brett
Brunner, Frank
Bryant, Rick
Buckingham, Mark
Bulanadi, Danny
Burchett, Rick
Buscema, John
Buscema, Sal
Byrne, John
Chan, Ernie
Cho, Frank
Clark, Jim
Clarke, Andy
Colletta, Vince
Colwell, Jeremy
Conrad, Kevin
Cooney, Daniel
Cuevas, Carlos
Dabu, Jeff
Darrow, Geof
Dash, Martin
Decarlo, Mike
Deering, Marc
Dekraker, Adam
Dell, John
Delperdang, Jesse
Dezuniga, Tony
Ditko, Steve
Dodson, Rachel
Eisner, Will
Elder, Will
Erskin, Gary
Esposito, Mike
Everett, Bill
Farmer, Mark
Faucher, Wayne
Feister, Tom
Finch, David
Fine, Lou
Florea, Sandu
Floyd, John
Freeman, Jeremy
Galloway, Sean
Garner, Alex
Geraci, Drew
Giacoia, Frank
Giella, Joe
Giordano, Dick
Gordon, Al
Gray, Mick
Green, Dan
Greene, Sid
Greenhaugh, Diana
Guadino, Steve
Hamner, Cully
Hanna, Scott
Ho, Don
Hope, Sandra
Horvarth, Henrik
Hughes, Adam
Hunter, Rob
Irwin, Mark
Janson, Klaus
Kaye, Stan
Kellar, Michael
Kesel, Karl
Ketcham, Rick
Kida, Fred
Klein, George
Koblish, Scott
Kubert, Joe
Lanning, Andy
Lansley, Rob
Lapoint, Serge
Leach, Gary
Lee, Norman
Leialoha, Steve
Leisten, Jay
Liefeld, Rob
Lim, Ron
Lipka, Mark
Livesay, John
Lowe, John
Lucas, John
Magyar, Rick
Mandrake, Tom
Mangum, Andrew
Manley, Mike
Martin, Gary
Martin, Jason
Martinez, Allen
Marzan Jr., Jose
Massengill, Nathan
Mavrides, Paul
McCrae, Scott
McFarlane, Todd
McKenna, Mark
McLaughlin, Frank
McLeod, Bob
Mendosa, Jaime
Merlin, Daniel
Mignola, Mike
Miki, Danny
Milgrom, Al
Miller, Frank
Mitchell, Gary
Mooney, Jim
Morales, Mark
Murphy, Sean Gordon
Neary, Paul
Nebres, Rudy
Nguyen, Tom
Nichols, Bill
Nickerson, Al
Nino, Alex
Nowlan, Kevin
Oclair, Albert
Oksner, Bob
Olazaba, Victor
Ordway, Jerry
Owens, Andy
Pallot, Terry
Palmer, Tom
Palmiotti, Jimmy
Parks, Ande
Parsons, Sean
Patterson, Bruce
Pepe, Mike
Pepoy, Andew
Peter, Palmiotti
Phillips, Sean
Purcell, Jack
Quiza, Mario
Ramos, Rodney
Rapmund, Norm
Rathburn, Cliff
Raymond, Alex
Redondo, Nestor
Reinhold, Bill
Romita Sr., John
Royer, Mike
Rubenstein, Josef
Rude, Steve
Rugg, Jim
Russel, Vince
Russell, P C
Ryan, Matt
Saltares, Javier
Schaffenburger, Kurt
Schloendorn, Tom
Severin, John
Severin, Marie
Shultz, Mark
Sibal, Jon
Sienkiewicz, Bill
Simon, Joe
Simons, Dave
Sinnott, Joe
Skeen, Levi
Smith, Andy
Smith, Cam
Sowd, Aaron
Stevens, Dave
Stone, Chic
Story, Karl
Stull, Rob
Synowicz, James
Talaoc, Gerry
Taylor, James
Texiera, Mark
Thibert, Art
Totleben, John
Tournas, Jim
Tron, D
Tyler, Tim
Vancata, Brad
Vines, Dexter
Von Grawbadger, Wade
Weems, Joe
Wiacek, Bob
Williams, Keith
Williams, Kent
Williams, Scott
Williamson, Al
Wong, Walden
Wood, Ashley
Wood, Wally
Wrightson, Bernie
Yoakum, Charles
Yueng, Craig

Please pass along my grateful thanks for the award to the voters, if there is an appropriate forum for doing so, and thanks to you and your gang of nere'dowells  for instigating this  affair, and for your dogged persistance!

All best regards,

--Terry Austin

Just letting you know the Inkwell Award arrived and I was pleasantly surprised, the award is very attractive, well designed, and most of all,much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for the time and expense getting this to me, it will be proudly displayed in my studio.

Best regards,

-- Tom Palmer
I'm really pleased to win this award.  It comes as a big surprise!


--Kevin Nowlan

I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the results of the recent 2008 Inkwell Awards.  Not only that I did well in the voting, but also that so many of my favorite talented artists were recognized so highly.  I can't say enough about the committee and all the devoted fans who voted for us and finally gave the inkers the acknowledgement of our great contribution to the field of comics.  I am truly honored and quite humbled to have an award (The Joe Sinnott Hall Of Fame Award) named after me.  It is gratifying to see the list of inkers nominated for an award.  It is so nice to see that the fans haven't forgotten these great talented inkers.  Again, many thanks to the committee for initiating these awards, which are long overdue, and to the thousands of loyal fans for your support in voting for us.  Continued success in the future.  May your inkwell never run dry. 

--Joe Sinnott July,2008